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Specializes in performing projects and  program of saving energy; Providing, installing and repairing automation controller application equipment and measuring device in industries. At present, we operate in two main fields: I. Trading: Vinh Thien is official and sole distributor, other hand, we are also exclusive warranty center in Viet Nam for manufacturers such as: Danfoss: is a leading producer of a series of high quality inverter applied for all industrial and civil fields. Inverter Soft starter Valve Controller equipment – Durag: check and control the fire in burners and turbines Dust monitor Pilot burner in thermo-electric factory Flame sensor and monitor Checking software – Sefar: is the top brand name about products manufactured and supply for milling. Mesh Filter bags for dust filters Connector sleeves Tensocheck 100-R Pneumatic stretching system Accessories II:...
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